Anarcute is a beat'em up action game about rioting! You control a crowd of cute animal rioters and fight against the oppressive brainwash patrol in the streets of Tokyo, Paris, Miami and Reykjavik.
I worked on the game with 4 of my classmates from Rubika Supinfogame during my studies. We first developed Anarcute for the French Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 competition, which we won. We worked on it for 2 more years to make it into a full commercial release.
I was one of two artists on Anarcute development, and we shared a lot of the work, from concepting to production. So I did a bit of everything on the game, but my main focus was on the rioters, which have cute animal faces that you unlock throughout the game. I also made a lot of the 3D props, all the promotional and store assets, the 2D cutscenes and a lot of integration in Unity.
The 3D assets I made for Anarcute include most of the 60+ animal heads, of which you can see a few below, as well as vegetation, props and and the textures for a few buildings.
Some cute promotional paper cutouts, themed of each main city in the game.
Behold the wall of capsules!!